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HT46RU25 (Holtek)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «HT46RU25» (8 bit), manufacturer Holtek. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet HT46RU25 manufacturer Holtek
DescriptionThe HT46RU25/HT46CU25 are 8-bit, high performance, RISC architecture microcontroller devices specifically designed for A/D applications that interface directly to analog signals, such as those from sensors.The mask version HT46CU25 is fully pin and functionally compatible with the OTP version HT46RU25 device. The advantages of low power consumption, I/O flexibility, programmable frequency divider, timer functions, oscillator options, multi-channel A/D Converter, Pulse Width Modulation function, UART functio
Functional8 bit
ManufacturerHoltek Semiconductor IncHoltek
SizePages: 63, 488.43Kb
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HT46CU25, HT46RU25