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SC606 (Semtech)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «SC606» (LEDs), manufacturer Semtech. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet SC606 manufacturer Semtech
DescriptionLow Noise Smart LED Driver with Serial InterfaceThe SC606 isA very high efficiency charge pump white/color LEDdriver from the mAhXLifeTM family of products. It is optimized forLi-Ion battery applications. The LED current is regulated toA valueconfigured by the user through an I2C compatible serial interface.LED outputs are current matched for consistent LED brightness.Up to 6 LEDs are controlled in three zones for brightness control inmultiple displays. The 6 LED outputs are divided into 3 pairs ofLEDs. E
ManufacturerSemtech CorporationSemtech
SizePages: 16, 353.62Kb
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